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Thursday, September 18, 2008

This & That

The week is flying by! I work an extra day this week (next week too) so I won't really have a weekend to look forward to. But hey, I can't complain. I have just as much fun during the week.

Brotherly Love

B & F just love Zach's room. Now, Faith has discovered she can climb the ladder. GREAT! This is all she wants to do now. She is fearless!

Mandy came to the rescue with all these BLOCKS that I said Brandon MUST have! Thank you Mandy!! After weeks of stacking cups in the kitchen, I thought for sure Brandon would be making cool towers with blocks. Instead, he takes great pride in knocking down other people's towers, throwing blocks all around and hiding blocks. Well, he does LIKE the blocks, it is just not how I pictured:)

Sarah gave us ANOTHER great gift! Jocelyn's writing desk that she does not use any more - or she outgrew I believe. This is a great addition to our play room. Brandon and Faith played with it all day Tues and Wed. They especially love that they can put things inside!

Faith totally looks like a little school girl here. "ok class, take out your spelling books"

Hmmmm, another reason why Brandon loves this desk. Ut oh! Fortunately, the desk is small enough that his fall won't be that bad. Like the way I think? Hey! Don't judge. That's progress for me. I am a recovering paranoid freakazoid over protective scared of everything MOM!

In other news:

At bath time last night, Faith discovered that Brandon has a little something "different" on him. She was very curious and he kept swatting her hand away. LOL

My hubby has been most wonderful recently. He has helped out A LOT around the house. He has rented me chick flics and bought me things I like at the grocery store. (egg salad and diet coke - did you think it was chocolate or something? I'm DIETING!) We have also been spending some great quality time together with the twins in the mornings - since he does not start work until 1. Yesterday, I had a VERY pleasant surprise! I walked into our bedroom closet and it was CLEAN and ORGANIZED!! Our closet has not been clean since we moved in. I have used it to hide laundry and junk I have not "got to" yet. This closet was on my "to do" list. Thank you Sweetie!

Zach is doing really well in school so far. He has come home with all 100 %s and smiley faces on everything! His bus driver has made him the bus safety patrol. He sits in the back of the bus and keeps the kids in check. While this is a great responsibility - it could also be hard on him socially. You know how that goes. Zach is also trying out to be the school broadcaster. I just love how he is getting involved this year. I would assume basketball should be starting soon!

I have been able to start scrapbooking again!! How you ask? WHERE do I fit it in? Well, let me tell you. My scrapbook room is conveniently located close by the play room. Brandon and Faith have been playing quite well together, giving me a moment to scrap! If they do fuss, I put down what I am doing and go sit on the floor with them and play. If they get involved with other toys and ignore me, I go back to scrapping. It has really been working well! I almost have 2 pages done! LOL!! I have spent time organizing and putting ideas together - that is what really makes me a SLOW scrapper. Which brings to mind a question - if anyone is still with me - Do you think I should try to play "catch up" (from a year ago) and continue to collect current pictures for later - (probably a year later) OR should I start scrapbooking events as they happen now - and when I have extra time in between, go back and do the newborn pictures??? Did any of that make sense?

WHEW! It's 5 am. That was a fast night. See how my life is flying by?!?! SLOW DOWN!


Anonymous said...

Hi Peg! . . .I'd say to do the current stuff first and then go back and do the earlier pictures. That way the current stuff is still with you and it'll be easier for the journaling. But hey, what do I know? lol.... love you and miss you lots! Happy Scrapping . . ~Lucy~

jennbecc said...

I agree with Lucy...I'd stay current and then go backwards...but do as I say, no as I do....and I do nothing when it comes to scrapbooking right now!
My boys love to knock down towers too...but mainly they like to pick them up and try to carry them and then get mad when they fall apart. Sheesh! Glad you're getting lots of help from Scott and that Zach is doing great in school. You sound like one happy lady Peggy! :)

Courtney said...

Good for hubby, that is awesome that is helping and taking good care of you :) They (whoever "they" are) say that it is better to start with the current stuff while you still remember all the little details, and then go back and do the other stuff. I, however, can't seem to do that, and I work in order even if I get behind. So, I can't really say. lol

Angel said...

Whew... that WAS a long post. :-) It's like we get to talk every day. :-) I think you should start with now and go back when you have time. Me thinks you need to scrap faster though based on the amount of pics on your blog! LOVE YA.

Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Beautiful photos! Love this age, don't you? :) Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon :) :)

Tara said...

Stay with the now and move forward! You know what I'm going to say....WRITE THE STORIES! And then put them in a Cherish Bound book (wink-wink)! IDK your twins were B/G like mine and I have a Zach too!

Jill said...

Wow what a nice husband. I love when they help out like that. Nothing more romantic than a little housework, lol.