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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Playing, Dancing and Pears

We spent the entire morning and early afternoon in the basement on Friday. Why do you ask? Well you will have to wait and see on Tackle it Tuesday! We played outside for a bit. Brandon LOVES our asian pears! He does pretty well eating them without us having to cut them up. We just have to watch carefully, or he will eat the whole thing, core and stem included:)
They did play in their play room for a while, but I guess like everything else, it gets old and they want to venture out. I tried to watch the new 90210 that I had recorded. Yes, I was a big fan back in the day. The new one - not so much. However, I was sucked in enough to want to see it again next week!
Daddy worked from home yesterday so that was nice. He was helpful, even tho he was working.
Later today we are going to a dodgeball tournament hosted by my Church. Scott pulled together a team and will be playing! I can't wait to see and take some pics. Then we will be going to Ethan's 2nd bday party. Very busy day ahead of us!

Get this down! I want to play with it!

What are you looking at?!?!? There are plenty more on the trees!

I took this picture without them seeing me... awww, so peaceful in there playing amongst themselves. So sweet! Time for Mommy to tip toe just a few feet away and watch 90210. HA!! The peace did not last. No, it did not. This is why Mommy doesn't watch tv any more.

Faith has a new dance... a little different from her "get low" routine.

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Angel W said...

I LOVE the new dance. She is too cute. I wish I could see them right now. You guys are very busy! Hope the kickball tourney goes well!