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Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I know that means a 3 day weekend for many people. My schedule doesn't change and I do not get a 3rd day off, however, it was nice to have my husband home for another day! We didn't do much, just some last minute preparations for going back to school. Zach does not seem nervous at all to be going to a new school. I am a nervous wreck!! (Angel, I know you went through the same recently:)) We missed orientation and the school was late getting info out in the mail or some how forgot us?? So, luckily, someone called and left a message on Sat with Zach's teacher and rm number. I still feel uncomfortable sending him to this new school without him knowing where the class is! Zach is fine with it. He said he will walk around until he finds his room. I think he's excited!

Faith watches Daddy cook our dinner.

Zach thought it would be a fun idea to have a family game night before starting the school week.

We played trouble. I was yellow. Can you see it? I WON! WOOO HOOOO! Sorry Zach. You win a few, you lose a few.

Getting back to my back to school anxiety, I have really been nervous about Zach going back to school for all the reasons mentioned above but also for selfish reasons. I will be left alone with the toddlers! YIKES! And I will just plain ol miss Zach's company. Someone to talk to during the day. Let me rephrase that, someone who understands what I am saying when I talk. LOL I have been wondering WHY I feel so anxious when Zach did go to school last year - and I was fine. Then it finally hit me - I wasn't alone last year!!!! Scott worked 2nd shift and was home during the day! So, my anxiety is coming from the fact that I really will be left alone. How silly!! MOST of my twin mommy friends out there in blog land are alone with their twins every day. I don't know how you do it! You are awesome! Really, I only have 4 hours to find something to do before nap time. Breakfast is 1st thing and then lunch is prior to nap so there are 2 things already! I bought the twins' their 1st crayons, so we can try some drawing. We can go for a walk on the path. Play in the moonbounce. Play in the play room. Watch Sesame Street. I guess we will be doing the same things we have been doing, just without Zach. I know Brandon and Faith will wonder where Zach is when they wake up tomorrow. Faith usually finds Zach right away and says "hi" over and over! Sooo cute:)

Hope you have a wonderful first day of school Zach!

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jennbecc said...

I hope Zach enjoys his new school and makes lots of new friends fast! I understand your anxiety about being home ALONE with the twins. When I quit my job and started staying home with them it was quite a shock since I'd never been alone with them for so long at any given time but you'll get your footing fast! Good luck! :)