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Monday, August 18, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

My weekend is pretty much over! I go back to work tonight. Good thing is I DID get a lot accomplished this weekend. Not so good thing - I did not "finish" unpacking or hanging up wall hangings like I said I would! I should never say I am going to do something, because it almost never gets done:) I did finish my room, and I finished doing the laundry.
I went to visit my friend Mandy last night. She is going through a hard time. You may read about it on her blog, I do not want to spread some one's business on my blog. It was nice to visit with Mandy and her son Ethan. Of course, I forgot my camera! UGH! Brandon and Faith had a great time playing with Ethan's toys. We live 5-10 minutes away from each other so I am sure we will visit each other a lot.
When I got home and put the babies to bed, it was a perfect opportunity to work on the house. But instead, I spent some time with Zach. We had a great time hanging out in the loft, watching tv and playing games. He beat me in Connect Four 2 out of 3 times!

I have been working on hanging things up little by little today. Brandon and Faith have been so good entertaining themselves. It is so funny to watch them play together and go every where and do everything together! Here are a couple pictures I took today:

They LOVE to sit on the fireplace. Instead of getting the baby proof cushion to go around the fireplace, we decided to just use a comforter. This way, we can fold up the comforter and put it aside when company comes over.

Playing in the hamper. They continued to go into the hamper and then scream because they are squished up against each other. Toddlers!

I did hang up Zach's posters in his room. He has been waiting so patiently.

Now I am going to take a little nappy poo.


Courtney said...

Cute pics. Sounds like you have been accomplishing a lot!

Angel W said...

Love your pics. Wish I had as much done as you! Thanks for chatting with me this morning when I was feeling blue!