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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Making Progress

Although I worked last night, I didn't nap today so I could unpack. I finished unpacking my room! All I have left is a few boxes in the basement. Tomorrow after Church, I plan to start hanging things up on the wall. That is my favorite part, so I saved it for last:) I also have to finish the laundry tomorrow and clean all the bathrooms.

Here are some cute pictures to share:

This was taken tonight after bath time.

This was taken a week or so ago. I just love the football on his butt!

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Angel W said...

Isn't unpacking the pits? I am up to my eyeballs in boxes and NO end in sight! I tried to unpack my kitchen completely yesterday, but simply don't have half the space I did in the last place so am at a stand still til kevin gets me a cabinet of some sort. I hate downsizing, but am going to have to get rid of stuff. Wish i had your space! :-)