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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tree House and Ice cream

We had a great evening Friday night! We picked up Scott from the train station and headed on to McDonalds for dinner. (I should NOT have posted about my diet previously, because I totally cheated!!) The McDonalds had a play area that was designed like a big tree house. Brandon and Faith each took a turn going up in the tree house and through the tubes to get down the slide. Zach, of course, helped them:) It was the CUTEST thing!! The "tree" had windows as you went up the stairs - and Brandon and Faith would each stop at the window to look at Scott and I, and they each had the BIGGEST smile on their face!! Wouldn't you know, I did not bring my camera. I keep telling myself I just HAVE to carry my camera in my purse at ALL TIMES! Add insect repellent - that comes later. After some play, we ate some McDees and then played some more. I had a few nuggets, diet coke and apple slices. Not so so bad!
As we left McDees - we drove by a real ice cream stand. Zach had just received his allowance - (3 weeks worth) and offered to buy us all ice cream! So, to the stand we went! Ice cream sounded so so so good, and the ambiance of it all - an ice cream stand, warm summer night, family - all of this persuaded me to have a cone. We put the babies in their stroller, bought some ice cream and sat at a picnic table. FUN! Brandon and Faith shared a banana split with Daddy. Zach had a "cup of dirt" - chocolate ice cream with hot fudge, oreo cookies and gummy worms. I had a small chocolate and vanilla twist cone. We met a mom there of 2 year old boy/girl twins. How cool! We talked for a bit. She told me it is so much harder when the kids can run around. GREAT:)

Thank you for dinner Daddy! And thank you, Zach, for desert!


Katie said...

I'm drooling thinking of the ice cream treats you all had tonight. Did you go to Kline's by chance? I don't think I have ever asked where you work. I just wonder what has such odd hours-- maybe a nurse? ;)

Angel W said...

Mmmm.... ice cream. Yummm. You really should carry that camera with you!