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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Outside Fun

Every afternoon, we go outside for about 15 minutes or so even if we stay in the front yard. Brandon and Faith LOVE the outside. Zach usually plays outside for quite a bit longer.

Brandon LOVES to walk around in our culdesac. No matter if I carry him to our front step, or the grass, as soon as I put him down - he heads to the culdesac. We think he may be chasing his shadow! You can see my big head shadow. Faith is in the background crawling away. Scott and Zach are playing some 1 on 1.

Faith used to be a bit nervous about the grass. We would set her down and she would sit in the same spot holding her legs up in the air! Too funny. She is starting to get used to grass and crawling around in it.

Zach has climbed every tree we have:)

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