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Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Shoes

I have been meaning to get new shoes for Brandon, but I haven't had a lot of extra $$$ since moving in to the new house. Yesterday I had to return a bath rug to KMart - which gave me some extra $$ in my pocket:) While there, I checked out the shoe section. Brandon does actually have some shoes already from the Children's Place (courtesy of Angel). However, his feet are pretty wide and because the shoes are stiff, we just can't get them on. I was going to special order some Preschoolians or Robeez when I had the chance. To my surprise, I found many toddler size shoes on clearance at KMart. And they had a lot of wide width "soft" sneakers! I bought this pair for Brandon for only $7. They fit him perfectly!

I didn't grab a pair for Faith because I knew we also had some Children's Place shoes back at home for her. One pair she has been wearing a lot to Church. Well, when I got home, I tried to put on her "Church" shoes and she has outgrown them! (practically over night) She had another pair of new shoes in a size 6 that fit, but they are red formal shoes. Not for every day wear. I should have bought her a pair of shoes too!!!! I grabbed the pair of Children's Place sneakers that were meant for Brandon and put those on her. They are for boys, but so what:) At least we will get use out of them. I will probably go back to KMart and get a pair of girly shoes too, just because.

In other news yesterday, Value City Furniture FINALLY came to pick up the broken half of our couch for repair. They said it should take a week. They left the cushion here, so I made a nice little couch just for Brandon and Faith with the cushion and pillows on the floor. What a hit! They LOVE it. I am going to have to buy one of those little couches for them. I will get one from Craig's list.

I mentioned last week that I made a new friend in the neighborhood:) Well she called yesterday to invite Zach over for a play date. So he walked over to play with her 2 kids for a couple of hours. I am SO glad we have met some kids!

I DID NOT walk him to her house. I just had to add this statement because if you really know me, then you know I am an overly paranoid, super cautious Mom who does not let Zach go any where by himself. It's TERRIBLE! Now, this family doesn't live far away at all. Zach just had to walk down our street and turn left onto her street and her house was a few houses down on the left. I did offer to Zach to walk him over - which meant I would have to get the stroller out, but he said he could go. 2 weeks ago in Church they talked about "Loving your Children" (we are in the middle of a series about Love) I sat there thinking I am a good parent who loves my children - yatta yatta yatta.... Well, the Minister said there are parents that love TOO MUCH. Meaning - they are over protective and don't let their kids out of their site. He said that these kids tend to grow up and go out and try to experience as much as they can! Just go wild! And maybe do some bad and dangerous stuff. It is GOOD to let your kids have a little freedom:) SIGH so I let Zach go - and I didn't even tell him he had to call me. Well, I did tell him that but he didn't hear me and I didn't repeat myself. I worried a little bit - but he came home a couple hours later safe and sound.

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