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Monday, June 23, 2008

New Hair Cut - Before & After

This post is for JennBec (tater & tot)!! I had my hair cut the week before my Tim concert. My good friend Sarah cut my hair:) Here was my hair before... now this picture was taken a few months ago, but trust me, this is what my hair has looked like!! Pretty much all 1 length and very dry and split.

This is my hair now!! Layered all over! It feels so much healthier. It has a brown color underneath and highlights on top. Thank you Sarah!!

Also, a long over due thank you to sarah and steve for babysitting for us while we had our home inspection! They babysat the morning of the day she did my hair. So, Brandon and Faith were there alllll day long!!

Sarah's hubby Steve held Brandon most of the time while Sarah did my hair. Brandon wasn't feeling well. :( Soon after, Steve became sick too. Sorry Steve! But it was all for my hair! :)


Tiff said...

Girl!!! I love your hair!! That's exactly what I want to do to mine. But for now I think it's too short. I have to let mine grow out a little before i do that do! But it looks awesome on you! Hope Brandon feels better!

jennbecc said...

Great hair you hot babe! I got mine done but I'm going back tomorrow for more highlights. Lets hope we get it right this time! *L*

Suzanne said...

Looks great! Now it's my turn again! LOL I'm going Thursday to get my hair done! I'm thinking of getting a bob! Doesn't it feel nice to get your hair done!

Greg & Joanna said...

Love the hair! It looks so nice and summery. The color is really pretty too.