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Monday, June 23, 2008

Brewfest 08'

My Father's Day gift to my Dad this year was to go to the Brew Fest! It was a great day. I am posting this 2 days after the fact because I am just now feeling better. LOL I am getting too old to go out and party all day!

They had a rock climbing wall and Zach went to the top several times. (it was free!!) Zach also had a great time. He had a big giant fresh squeezed lemonade and a new pair of cool sunglasses. He also had a spider and web henna tattoo done. Apparently, I neglected to take a picture of the tattoo. UGH!

We met up with my gf friend Kristin! Later in the day, Kristin and her (our) friend James came by for a visit. We enjoyed an evening of laughs and more beer and somehow some silly string in my hair??? Then later at night Dad and I left to go bar hopping. Sorry Dad! I didn't mean to drag you out. This was my last day of craziness for a long long long time. Back to reality!

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