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Saturday, May 3, 2008

House Hunting = TAKE 3

We went house hunting yesterday in Frederick MD! Yes, I know it's a bit far away from THIS area, but really, it is a similar commute to D.C., just from a different direction. I am willing to drive an hour to visit my friends in VA! I think it would be kind of exciting to move to a different state. Less taxes and congestion! I am not saying we are moving out of the area, it is just a possibility. We looked at around 10 homes yesterday and we had 2 favorites. I brought my video camera this time:) Here are some clips of our 2nd favorite from yesterday:

Unfortunately, I did not take my camera inside our FAVORITE house from yesterday. The home owners where there and I did not want them to feel violated. In fact, I am just posting the videos above for fun, we have narrowed our choices down to the "Dream House" in VA or our favorite Frederick house. There are a lot of thinks I like in the Frederick home. For one, the Master Bedroom is the best Master Bedroom I have seen so far! It was HUGE! With 2 separate walk in closets. The dining room was also stunning. I loved the cherry hard wood floors. The 2 level deck has a sitting bench built in, that's nice. The basement was just right for what we have in mind. Here are some pics I found online of the Frederick home:

So, I think we are going to look into making a move on one of our top 2 houses! Our new address could be Manassas VA or Frederick MD. Time to make some offers!!!

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Anonymous said...

marcus said you may be looking at manassas that is great we had fun last night sorry Ethan is a very busy guy I never got to talk