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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend News

This is the one and only picture I have from Zach's bday!! Which he paid a token to do for me as a surprise:) So sweet!! I did bring my camera, however, I was a bit frazzled with the twins. Brandon was cranky and hungry. He ate crackers and pizza crust:) Then when I did go to take pics of Zach playing, I noticed my camera battery had died. I ended up working that night because my schedule changed YAHOOO!! So, we didn't do cake and still haven't. Cake is in the fridge. We are going to have it later today.

Today we grilled burgers and ate outside. The plan was to do this during nap time so it would be easier. However, this little princess refused to sleep! It still worked out well. Faith loves to be outside.

EAT UP BOY!!! You are skin and bones! Zach didn't care for his macaroni salad. He is a very picky eater. We told him he had to finish or no cake. So, he finished. 5 minutes later, projectile macaroni vomit all over the deck. Sorry Zach! We will continue to make you eat things you don't like. Thats what parents do.

Soon after this pic was taken, Faith grabbed two fistfuls of soil! Yum!

Once Brandon woke up from his nap, he went on to do his new favorite thing, climbing the stairs. The only way I am able to blog right now is because I have him strapped into his highchair. He is having a great time throwing gold fish crackers all over the dining room.

This morning I went to Church and my friend Sarah came! Her Daughter (age 3) wanted to come too. We dropped off her daughter at the kids area (she LOVED it) and grabbed a cup of coffee and went on to listen to great music and Worship. I just love the Church band. They played a 'Switchfoot' song today, it was awesome! It was great to have a good friend by my side.

Tonight, Grandpa and Nana are coming to visit and babysit for us. We have an appt to put a contract down on a house! I am trying not to get excited. Not at all. We found out someone else has plans to put a contract down on the house also. Eeeeek. I don't want to end up bawling my eyes out in my pillow, so I am going to act as tho we are not getting this house. That way I won't be disappointed if we lose our bidding war. SIGH Yes, it is for the dream house.

Have a Great Week!

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Anonymous said...

GOOD luck I hate that feeling we had to go through 15 houses and contracts before we found this one but this will not be the last we just didn't want to be homeless lol mandy