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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WebbMania Edition of.......

(Insert MTV Music Here)

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2 1/2

SQ Footage: too small for twins

Welcome to our CRIB! Come on in!

I guess we are starting in the basement. Here is our pool table with a ping pong top! This doubles as a laundry folding table. SWEET! The opposite end of the room has a 2 seater bar.

This is the back yard yo! Complete with hot tub that is RARELY used since I became pregnant with the twins.

This is our baby pen. A pen where we keep our babies, babies visiting, babies we find....

1/2 bath off the living room

This is where we eat! The babies throw food on the floor. We have a nice blue computer cable falling from the ceiling. Who else has that?!?!

Awww, the kitchen. It's a Cribs tradition to show the inside of the fridge... but its a bit messy and full of junk.

Our deck. A must have where ever we may move!

The living rm/babies dining room. They like to have their bottles while watching Sesame Street.

The hallway. If this were a real episode of cribs, we would have a poster of Scarface up.

Here are the REAL CRIBS! We had curtains up, but my dear Faith was pulling them through her crib. I bought some window covering film to block out the sun. I just need to put it up now!

Zach's bedroom. This is where the mess happens.

The kids bathroom

And this is where "the magic happens"

The master bathroom... a bit plain, but serves its purpose.

And that's our CRIB! I love our home. It is our 1st house together. I will be sad when we leave. But we just have to get a larger place with 4 bedrooms.

I would LOVE it if some of my blog buddies would do a blog episode of CRIBS! PLEASE DO!


Anonymous said...

Hey Peggy thats great you guys deserve more room and I know Zach would love a new house I can't wait till we move in may

Anonymous said...

WOW!! How nice! I love the pictures of the houses you looked at. Absolutely beautiful!! Does Faith not like her shoes? ;-) Cute! And that idea of yours to have your own episode of cribs was cool too. It could double as advertising to sell it! lol... and of course those pictures were nice too. I would love to live there! But it'd be a bit far to drive to my Moms and to work here in Dover every day! Not to mention that bad B word that's between here and there. lol . . ;-) Love and Miss yas, Lucy

Angel W said...

I'll do a CRIBS edition as soon as my house is that clean...LOL. IF it ever is.
Go back and get those pics.hehehe
Bad B word, Lucy??

Angel W said...

Hey, I am feeling better now. I opened up the house,worked out and have hair color on my head.

Jill said...

thats hilarious! I would have to spend time cleaning before I took pictures! lol How cool that you get to look for a new house! Thats so exciting. :)

jennbecc said... I have to clean. how about pictures before the baby's came. *L*

Tiff said...

Love the tour! Thanks for giving us an insight on your house! I will post my crib probably tomorrow after I take my son to the doc. He's a sick baby! Poor guy!

Greg & Joanna said...

That's too funny Peggy! I love your Cribs episodes. And I really like the pictures of the houses you are looking at, especially that one with the big front porch. I'd have to do my version of cribs one room/day at a time because I don't think I've had my whole house all clean at once since the babies were born.