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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Window Shopping...

For a house! We started looking at open houses yesterday and then again today just to get a feel for what is out there. We looked a couple miles down the road yesterday, and today we looked here in our community. Of course, an open house always has all the extras and is decorated by professionals. Here is a little sample of what we saw:

This one was my favorite (as far as being some what close to what we can afford) in the community down the road. I love the idea of having a front porch!

This is the home we looked at today. SIGH Very pretty.

Ok, get this. Yesterday I DID NOT have my camera. We saw the CUTEST decorated kids rooms ever!!! There was a princess room with a princess bed and princess wall paper. I put Faith on the bed and OMG was she cute. NO CAMERA!!! Then again with Brandon. There was a cool race car room with a race car bed. And a HUGE play room with cool seats we put the babies in... NO CAMERA! So, today I thought I will be smart. I brought my camera. Hmmmm. yesterday when I did not have my camera, the employees sent us off on our own to look at the homes. Today, the employee walked thru the house with us. So, I did not want to stop and take a million pictures! I asked if she would mind if I took this picture. And it is not even as cute as the ones I could have had yesterday!

Any hoo.. all this house browsing made Scott and I think about 'MTV Cribs'. So scroll down a bit for our own "still picture" BLOG episode of MTV Cribs!! It's back to reality..


Jill said...

Oh my gosh that house with the huge porch is GORGEOUS!!! What a dream home!

jennbecc said...

House shopping depresses me...I want every house I see! I've been thinking of bean bag chairs for the boys....hmmmm.....CUTE!