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Friday, April 11, 2008

No News is Good News

We had Brandon's 2nd Ultrasound today. The good news is the fluid has not appeared to increase. The bad news is the fluid is still there and has not appeared to have decreased. So that is why I say, no news is good news. It looks to be the same as when we first discovered it. Of course, the Dr has to take measurements of each photo to see for sure if it is the same or not. It just "looks" the same. The Dr is going to send everything to Brandon's Dr on Monday and we will then pick up the copies to take with us to his Neurologist appt later this month. Above is Brandon with all the ultrasound goo on his head. He did really well with his appointment.

After Bran's appointment, we went car seat shopping! We had to buy their new seats so I can sell the infant ones and our bases at the yard sale coming up.

OMG! I found a princess crown that says 1st Birthday on it. I wanted it but resisted. Instead I let her wear it throughout the store:) She knows how to handle a purse already!

After shopping, we begged Daddy to take us to IHOP. They have this disgusting Dr Seuss pancake thing... EEEWWW!

The babies had plain pancakes. I think every customer in the place came over to talk to us! Sigh. I just want to EAT. I met a mom of 4 yr old twins the other day. She promised me it gets better in public. However, she said 4 was a rotten age!! She looked stressed. LOL


Jill said...

I know what you mean about getting visitors at restaurants. We went to Culvers a few weeks ago and there was a singleton baby with its mom/dad and then we 4 at a different table. Many people bypassed the other family to come by us. How funny. I don't mind though. It will fade and then I will miss it.
And p.s. as a teacher I think 4 year olds are sweet! Much easier than 3!!!

Glad Brandon's scan didn't show more fluid!!! Sounds like a good start!

jennbecc said...

So glad the new is not bad. Hopefully you'll get more definative answers later this month. And speaking of the crown....Blog Auntie Jennbecc has a present for the Webblets!

Greg & Joanna said...

I think that is a good report Peggy. It's good that the fluid hasn't increases. What a little trooper he is to do so well at his appointment. That's funny that all the people were coming up to you, we still get that a lot. I can't imagine what it will be like when they are 4 - yikes!