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Friday, April 11, 2008

What Happened??!

The babies have gone from being happy staying in one place playing with their toys to always wanting to be out of the baby play yard, crawling in 2 separate directions and getting into EVERYTHING!!! They move fast! It would be easier if they stayed together. I will go in the kitchen to stop Faith from pulling all of the bread out of the bread drawer, and in the meantime Brandon heads to my desk to rip up all the paper he can find in 1 minute!They go after everything they see. Currently, Brandon is chewing on a place mat (no harm there) and Faith is crawling around yelling "Daddy? Daddy!" She is always looking for Daddy after he goes to work. Its so sweet. When she sees him she says "Hi Dad"!!! NO KIDDING. At first I thought it was a lucky fluke thing. But she does it every day and only to her Dad! I have to try to get that on video.


Jill said...

Yeah the moving has begun! I actually like it more than when they had to be entertained by me when they were in one place. So it is fun! Mine love to play on big piles of blankets and pillows in the livingroom or on the couch with the cushions taken off so they can crawl up onto the couch and if they roll or tumble off its onto the couch cushions and not a long fall. :)

jennbecc said...

It's begun!! Our pen is still in the house but it's open so they can come and go. I still have 3 1/2 walls to contain the toys at least....but the boys do their best to help the toys wander as well. :) Let the fun begin!!