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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Topher!

Yesterday was Topher's birthday party. (my youngest nephew) I did not get many pics as I was taking care of the babies. There were a lot of kids there and you wouldn't know it from my pictures:)


Our mom made this cake! Well, actually it's cupcakes, made into a skate board!

Zach held Topher as he blew out his candle

Brandon and Faith had a good time.

This is Suzy with Faith. Chuck and Suzy are dear friends of the family. They love kids!

Suzy had made the babies these adorable humpty dumpty pillows with their names cross stitched on. The material is so soft. Just perfect for babies! Faith has been hugging her pillow a lot. Thanks Suzy!

After the party, a bunch of us went out to lunch. (my parents, my sister and Topher and Chuck & Suzy) It was a great time! Zach asked to spend the night with his Aunt Lynn and Topher, so the babies and I drove home without him. (an hour and 20 minutes) It has been a long time since Zach has spent the night some where. I drove home feeling a little empty:( I really missed his conversation. He called later to say good night. You would think we have been apart for days! I can't wait until he comes home later this afternoon.:)

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jennbecc said...

I feel like its been forever since I've checked your blog. Cute dolls that your friend made! I hope you were able to sleep good with Zach being gone. I know it was hard for me but exhaustion took over and I was able to sleep.