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Friday, January 4, 2008

Rockin & Rollin!

Yesterday, Brandon started to get on all fours and rock! Crawling must be right around the corner for him! Faith rolls to her tummy ALL the time and then fusses (or SCREAMS) to be flipped over. :) She hasn't figured out to roll back over on her own yet.

In other news, I can see the white!! I see a little white dot where Brandon's tooth is coming in! I expect it to arrive this weekend:)

Also - funny thing. We just got this GREAT new digital video camera with all the bells and whistles. Yet, neither Scott or myself (both of us being IT support staffers) can figure out how to edit and save videos to our computer. So, I figured out how to load this video onto my blog from the same camera I have had for years. I could have been showing off videos of the babies this WHOLE time!! UGH!


katie said...

omg!!!! i cant believe it i feel like i am right there rooting him on!

Angel Wilde said...

We've watched this a dozen times now. More More we want more videos. Videos every day! :-) We love them babies!!!!

Amanda and Brian said...

It won't be long! Babyproof that house! I know it was only about a week or so after Katie-Grace and Olivia started doing that...they were off. Fun times!!! Go Brandon!

jennbecc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jennbecc said... post got deleted. Anyway, they're off! Super cute! :)

Greg & Joanna said...

It's only the beginning. He will be crawling in no time! That is exciting!

Jill said...

What a cute video. He is getting real strong! Mine didnt start really crawling until 10 mos and they are both already pushing toys by walking. It is so amazing how they can change so fast. Brandon looks like such a cuddly little guy!
I am so bummed that I can't get video on my blog. I have a MAC OSx (which I really like) and a Sony cybershot (which can take video) and a Sony handycam DVD camcorder, but neither can upload video - not that I can figure out anyways. :( Bummed!