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Friday, December 7, 2007

Winter coats! They have mittens attached. Bought from Nana. Thanks Nana!!

Oh My Gosh! Is this not the CUTEST outfit you have ever seen??? Trust me, a picture does not do it justice. It has a bow on the blouse (which Faith likes to chew on) And glitter throughout the hair. I love it. Thank you Angel!! (Godmother) This was her going to the mall outfit:)

Brandon joined in on the Fashion Show. Both outfits are from The Children's Place which I LOVE!!!! (Again, from Angel)

Brandon is hanging out, waiting for Daddy to get him for his bath:)

So, we went to the mall. I feel like I got a lot accomplished!! I am completely finished shopping for my husband. I am so excited! I think for once he is going to really like his gifts! I also shopped for my friend Kristin, who is coming over for Christmas Eve. I am really excited for that:) I have dinner and drinks planned, and Christmas Karaoke! Woo hoo!
I bought some things for my MIL and for Angel and Katie:) Zach picked out something and paid his own money for something for his Godmother, Angel. So sweet! I did not help him a bit Angel! This gift spoke to him, and he wanted to buy it for you. He spent the $$ he has had in his wallet since his birthday in May. I hope you think it is special, cause man, this is special!!! I mean, I am a little jealous:)
We had a nice time. We had dinner in the food court and they happened to have music from a local Church, children singing in a choir. I love to hear children sing! Especially Christmas music.
Zach rode the merry go round. I fed the babies.
We walked around the mall and did our shopping.
We came home around the same time as Scott. We did baths and bottles and put the babies to bed. Then it was time for Christmas Kareoke! Well, Scott hung around for 3 songs I think, then he went to bed. Zach and I finished the cd and played/sang a couple more cds.
Now everyone in my house is sleeping, and I think I will join!


Angel Wilde said...

Zach and I have a special place in our hearts for eachother! I love that kid SO much. He is the best. You did such a great job with him. And yes, I do feel special that he found the perfect gift for me. I can't wait to get it too!
Oh my gosh, that outfit is so precious on Faith! Kevin picked that one out. He had to have it for her. :-) And it is darling on her! What beautiful babies!

Greg & Joanna said...

What a cute outfit - it has sass! How funny. Good job on finishing your shopping - I wish I could say the same. Oh, and love the winter coats!

Tiff said...

OMG!! those outfits are too stink'n cute!!! as are the little munchkins!!