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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Flameless Candles

OMG I am in LOVE! I have seen flameless candles on home shopping channels in the past and liked them but did not give it a 2nd thought. I recently looked at some in the mall, and they are so nice! They have come a long way. Now they come with real scented wax on the outside! They really look real, but are safe for kids. I am a candle lover! Friends of mine know that I like to light candles and listen to music. Well, I don't to that so much now that I have babies. I will NEVER light my candles when the babies become mobile! I am one paranoid mama! So, my plan is to replace my candles with flameless candles. I am checking them out now on QVC. I am thinking some other people will be receiving a flameless candle from me:) Will it be you?


Jill said...

Those look so cool! My mom said she has seen them on QVC and thought about them too. Are they pricey??

Angel Wilde said...

They do look very cool! And they're scented. YEP. I would like it I am sure!

jennbecc said...

Me, me, me! Mine, mine, mine!