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Saturday, December 1, 2007


The babies tested positive for RSV. You can read about RSV here. From what I have read, this is pretty common in infants. Infants often catch this virus when they have older siblings that may bring it home from school. So we have to continue with the breathing treatments, irrigate their noses with saline and suction and TRY to give them plenty of fluids. Brandon did NOT want his bottle last night which really scared me because he is always such a hungry baby boy!
Let me go on to say.. I LOVE Kaiser! I have always been against Kaiser after hearing a few people's negative opinions. Although my good friend Sarah talked very highly about Kaiser. My husband has used Kaiser for years and really wanted the kids on Kaiser, so I agreed but I decided to stay with my PPO. All 3 of my kids have received the BEST care from Kaiser! We are always seen right away and the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The babies were tested for RSV a couple days ago at their appt. Well, last night our house phone rang after 10 pm. Scott and I looked at eachother and asked "who would call us at this time?" It was a nurse from Kaiser! She apologized for calling so late, but they just received the test results and she wanted to call and tell us and ask about the babies. I could not have been more happy to receive this call. Not with the news of RSV necessarily, but with the update as soon as they received it! She was on the phone with me for a while asking questions about Brandon. (he is more sick than Faith) She gave us specific instructions with how to care for him and told me signs to watch for in case we need to bring him in to Urgent Care over the weekend. She also called the dr to report how he was doing and then called me back again to tell me about the conversation with the dr. I am switching myself to Kaiser in Jan:) Kaiser rocks! Hopefully the babies will be better in a week or so.

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jennbecc said...

At least you know what it is now. I hope they are doing better very soon. Hang in there!!
My work switched to Kaiser in the middle of my pregnancy. I was totally against it and freaked to be loosing my OB half way through my high risk pregnancy. Kaiser agreed to pay my doctor to see me through my delivery and 6 weeks post pardum...without a cent out of pocket to me!! WOW!! They did say that all my non-preg related care needed to be handled by them so I needed to come in for a checkup. I went in and loved the doc. She ended up being from the same office that my ppo was from and had just moved to Kaiser that month! I went ahead and switched to her and love, love, love her!!! I got great care with Kaiser and I feel like my kiddies are getting great care as well.