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Thursday, December 6, 2007

A New Trick!

WOO HOO! Isn't this a cool new trick? We are going to practice holding bottles EVERY day until we get the hang of it! Boy oh boy will that make life easier. Look at my bed... wipes, a receiving blanket, a toy... We spent 1/2 the day in my room! Maybe more than 1/2 the day. I downloaded all of my Christmas cds onto my IPOD. Plus, I downloaded a few new Christmas tunes from ITunes:) Poor Brandon and Faith, they spent the day in Mommy's bed so Mommy could play on the computer! They are getting better at entertaining themselves with toys and their voices. Brandon only had 1 treatment. He seems happier. He laughs a lot! He doesn't look so happy in this picture, because he is eating. He means business when he is eating! Speaking of eating: Brandon does not like peas. He is like his Grandad. So far, Faith likes everything! :) What should I try next?

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