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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


My Mom emailed me these pictures that were taken at different times I guess while we were visiting. This is Zach and his cousin Christopher. (Christopher belongs to my sister Lynn) How CUTE!! Love this picture. I have various pictures of these 2 together at different ages and they are all cute! I am concerned about how skinny Zach's face is. He is SOOOOO skinny! When I see some pictures of him, I sometimes think something is wrong. His body is not holding on to food. Do I not feed him enough? It seems like he eats all the time. Should I feed him more and more carbs?

This is my sister Angela with her baby boy. (Anthanei) Isn't he cute? He is 18 and often likes to squish his mommy by sitting in her lap:) Awwww. Maybe I should ask Angela what I should be feeding my son????

This is Christopher and Zach with their cousin Kimi. Kimi is Angela's daughter. Isn't she pretty? I get to see all of the above this Friday for a Christmas get together! It will be Kimi's 1st time seeing the twins. I think she will love them SO much that she will just take care of them for me while I am there:) LOL


Angel Wilde said...

Cousins are so cool!

Jill said...

just an fyi - i was a SUPER skinny kid no matter how much I ate. And I was healthy - so maybe Zach is just a thin kid with a high metabolism? I got called "Ethopia Girl" which was NOT nice at all.