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Monday, December 17, 2007

6 Month Check Up

We had our 6 month check ups today. They were pretty good.

Brandon's Stats:
Weight: 18 lbs 4 oz (big chunka chunka!)
Height: 27"

Faith's Stats:
Weight:17 lbs (she is catching up!!)
Height: 26.5"

One small concern was again the size of Brandon's head. So, the dr ordered a sonogram just to rule out anything. (sometimes large heads are a sign of fluid on the brain) The dr does not feel that we need to worry as Brandon is developing right on schedule with no signs of anything wrong. A big head may be genetic. :) But we will go ahead with the sonogram for peace of mind of course.

Brandon and Faith had 3 more shots today. We decided to go ahead and get flu shots in addition to the regularly scheduled shots. DADDY stood just outside the door while Mommy held each one down to get the painful shots. Then, Daddy rushed in to swoop each one up and rescue them, looking like a hero! Thanks a lot Daddy.

1 comment:

Angel Wilde said...

Hmm... I still remember Zach's head being big too. Am I remebering wrong? Cuz now it's skinny. :-) My babies are getting SO big!