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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trouble Maker Faith!

I just have to share... Every morning Brandon and Faith are in my bed together after their 9 am bottles. This is where they take their morning nap. (with me) Before they fall asleep, they babble and play. Faith usually "picks" on Brandon. Seriously! I have seen her grab his ear and pull, try to grab some of his hair resulting in scratching his head, grab his arm.. whatever she can get. They usually suck on eachothers hands during this time. Yesterday, Scott and I witnessed Faith taking Brandon's pacifier out of his mouth. We thought that was kinda funny, and I kept giving the paci back to Brandon. Well, then she pulled the paci out of his mouth and stuck it into hers! She did this 2-3 times. We thought it was hilarious. Brandon did not see the humor. Faith does not like pacifiers. We have tried to give her one and she spits it out. She just likes to harrass her brother, and she does it with a smile!


jennbecc said...

Siblings! Jake does this kind of stuff to Zack. He always steals his toys, bulldozes over the top of him, and knocks him over when he's sitting up. Poor Zack and Brandon. :(

Angel Wilde said...

Faith is the princess. She already knows it!