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Monday, November 5, 2007

Our High Chairs Arrived!

Faith is a bit fussy. She is wondering why we stuck her in this chair, when she wanted us to just hold her. (what princess wants, princess gets) Brandon is looking at Faith as he always does when she cries. Faith looks at Brandon when he cries too. That's funny! They usually take turns crying instead of wasting their energy crying at the same time:)

BRANDON: Now what? Are you going to feed me or what?

Here is Zach and myself feeding the babies. I made this picture smaller cause it makes me look smaller! Hardy har har har har.


Angel Wilde said...

I love their highchairs!! And hey, I had a thouht... why don't you posta pic of Brandon's pacifier and ask if anyone knows where to get it. I am hoping this pacifier is not the one that Brandon is using:
or this one:
Whatever you do.... try not to be alarmed if you google pacifier and recall
I love you!

Angel Wilde said...

I'm ready for another post with some pics!!