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Friday, November 9, 2007

Just Another Day....

Brandon and Faith hang out in the kitchen while I clean. Brandon has his glo-worm in his seat with him. Faith looks like she is up to something...

We bought new bath seats. Brandon DOES NOT like his! Faith loves the bath no matter what we put her in/on.

I am pretty busy this weekend. My house is a wreck! I have the hardest time cleaning with the twins. I need to straighten up today, go grocery shopping, buy a kids bday gift and go to a jewelry party. Tomorrow, I am taking Zach to a bday party and then I will spend the rest of the day preparing for Sunday. I have to get our truck ready to tailgate. Which means I need to take all the baby stuff out. I also want to get the babies stuff together to spend the day with our friends Marsha and David. I am going to throw everything they need in the playpen and bring the playpen over to them. I work tomorrow night so I also need to get some sleep! Sunday is football day! As soon as I get home we are leaving. So we just need to take the babies over (across the street) and pack the truck with our food and drinks and go! Our friends are meeting us at 9:30 and I get home around that time. So stay tuned for some crazy tailgating pictures! GO SKINS!

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