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Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Can't Believe my Ears!

I have heard several rude statements lately. I wanted to share...

1. Are you still pregnant? You look like you are! (this is from a 5 yr old, so it doesn't really count:) Plus, it is pay back from many mean things my son has told people)

2. May I ask how old you are? 35? That is a bit old to have babies, don't you think? (seriously! A check out girl said this yesterday!)

3. Your real name is Margaret? Are you middle aged? I thought so, that is why your parents would name you such a name! (EXCUSE ME?!?! This statement came from a caller at my job. Sounded like an old fart to me)

This has all been within a week time! You would think my self esteem would be all beat up, but I still have some left! :) My 6 week diet will tackle the weight issue, and as for my age.. well I have until next summer before I get depressed. I have a family name and I like it! I can use "Peggy" while I am young and "Margaret" when I am 80! How many other people have those choices?

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Angel Wilde said...

Wow... people can be so rude! I think you are beautiful and look young too! And 35 is a great age to be having babies. You are old enough to appreciate them and still young enough to keep up with them! You're going to look fabulous in just 6 weeks!!!!