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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Haunted Forest

We went to the Haunted Forest Thursday night and had so much fun! It was Scott and I, my friend Kristin and Scott's friend Jason. The kids stayed home of course with a babysitter. Although we did take Zach 2 yrs ago when he was only 6! Zach wants to go again next year.

This is the Bat Walk I think they call it? It was really high up and Scott and Kristin each did it! They had to climb a utility pole looking thing and try to stand up on that wooden plank at the top. The entire pole moves while you do this. Then you have to jump and try to catch the pole in front of you. Scott made the jump! Yay Scott. Kristin didn't catch the pole, but the fact that she climbed the utility pole and made the jump is so impressive to me. This is something that I would NEVER EVER do!
This is the entrance to the forest! Scary. If you have never gone, go! It is so much fun.

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Angel Wilde said...

Looks too scary for me!
You make me SMile!