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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Got Twins?

I went out to breakfast yesterday with some moms I met online on the Twins Magazine Message Boards. It was so much fun! It is so nice to put faces with names. I loved having the chance to see their babies in person! They each have identical twin girls. HOW CUTE!
Scott wasn't able to join us, he had to work:( I hope to have other get togethers in the future with other parents of multiples.


Angel Wilde said...

Aww....Cute. Was it as crazy as you thought it might be? There were supposed to be a couple more, right?

Peggy said...

Nah, it wasn't crazy at all! It was a nice breakfast at IHOP. I think you are thinking of the larger get together I mentioned with more people and older twins. I didn't go to that one. To far away:)