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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

4 Month Check Up! More SHOTS!

Brandon and Faith had their 4 month check up yesterday. I took them ALL BY MYSELF!! You can't imagine how hard that is, but I survivied! I had a lot of help from nurses and the receptionist.

weight: 15 lbs 4 oz
25 inches
head: 44 1/2 cm! Very big!

weight: 13 lbs 12 oz
24 inches
head: 40 cm

Both Brandon and Faith are very healthy. They are keeping an eye on Brandon's head growth, but think it may just be genetic. They didn't do so well with their shots, they both cried a lot! I could only hold one at a time:( So I quickly strapped them in their stroller to just take them home. They had fallen askleep by the time I reached the truck. We were given the ok to start spoon feeding rice cereal. I didn't mention that I already tried on their 4 mnth bday! They didn't like it:( Well, I think I will try again today. They have to get use to eating with a spoon cause they will be trying fruits and veggies in Dec. and thats right around the corner! Time to buy some highchairs:)

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Angel Wilde said...

OH! They are SO big!!! I miss them so much! And I love you guys. {sniff}