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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Webb Twins Comic Strip

FAITH: Look Brandon! Mommy has the camera out again!
BRANDON: pppplllllllllll
FAITH: Look at the camera and smile!
BRANDON: I want to look over here!

FAITH: She is still going! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!

BRANDON: cheese.

FAITH: Mommy is so much fun!

BRANDON: where is my pacifier? Have you seen my pacifier?

FAITH: Brandon, I am getting kind of tired sitting here posing for pictures. Make her stop.

BRANDON: sigh... ok.
BRANDON: Listen here! My sister said she is finished with the photo session!
BRANDON: Don't make me HULK out on you!!


Angel Wilde said...

LOVE it! Made me laugh and laugh! toooooooo funny!

Angel Wilde said...

Is this a weekly comic? I can't wait to see the next edition!!