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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Don't Weight Around!

My best friend and I have started a weight loss challenge, starting yesterday. I weighed in at 195!! And now I am posting that scary weight for everyone to see. Really, only a few friends and family members see my blog and I am sure they all know that I have gained some weight:)

The challenge: whoever loses the highest percentage of their goal by 10/4/07, receives a prize from the loser. The prize is an outfit in the winner's "new" size and also $10 worth of scrapbooking supplies from our local stores. We each have different scrapbook stores in our area, so it is nice to maybe get something different from a store that is not in the area. We each have the same goal weight of 145 and I have a lot more weight to lose. Does this mean I have to work harder? Yikes! Well, we are both winners in this contest if we both lose weight! (or we are both "losers" in this contest! However you want to look at it) So I will be happy either way.

I am already so tired from work and the babies, so this contest will be HARD! But I have to do something to get back to my normal weight. If I don't have a goal to work towards, I won't do it!

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