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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pray for WGTS!

This post is to ask you to please pray for WGTS 91.9 fm. This is an AWESOME Christian radio station serving the Washington D.C. area listeners. I looked for a Christian radio station in this area once before without any luck. I did find a station or 2, but they were very faint and full of static. I have just recently found this radio station, and then I hear that they are in trouble. Their parent organization is having financial troubles and has received many high dollar offers to purchase this station. Of course, many offers are coming from non Christian broadcasting companies. I am praying that the station will stay as is or if it must be purchased, I pray that it is purchased by a Christian Broadcasting company to keep it as a Christian station. This is a huge metropolitan area, we NEED at least one Christian station!! This is a wonderful family oriented station. My Zach really likes it and I can have it on without worry of what type of music will be played or some foul mouthed DJs. This station really speaks to me. It is so uplifting and inspirational. It fills me with spirit on my commute to work and this is how I want to be! So please pray or if you would like you can sign a petition. The meeting to "sell" starts at 11 this morning. I would have posted a prayer request earlier, but like I said, I recently found this station, or as I see it, it found me.

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Angel Wilde said...

I will pray for you to have a great Christian radio statio to listen to one way or another!!! Maybe you can get an Air-One station. They are nationwide and have lots of contemporary Christian music! You should try listening to it sometime on the computer. You would like it. Love ya!