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Monday, April 23, 2012

Catching Up...

 Time to play catch up. I need to blog more! I love blogging, and sharing is free therapy. I told one of my newest and dearest friends all about blogging so I need to represent :)

We have been pretty busy around here. We had a wonderful Easter. But around 2:30 Scott had to leave on a business trip. He has gone on a couple trips now to train the new people to do our jobs. Having my hubby leave on Easter was upsetting for me, and we really missed him while he was gone. My manager worked with me and let me alter my schedule so I was able to get some rest while alone with the kids, so that was nice.
Scott has to leave again next week. He will be gone for Zach's birthday and the twins' registration to kindergarten. We will make the best out of everything.

 Pictured above was a free soccer class at the nZone (where we attend church). They were having a health fair and had a lot of free demos. It was such a great day! Because of the health fair held on a Sunday afternoon, I talked Scott into attending church with us so we could just go to the health fair after and let the kids play soccer. Scott said he enjoyed the sermon! Zach had a great time at 94.7's booth hoola hooping and trying to win some prizes. Pictures are on their site located here.   I entered a lot of drawings and actually won something! I received a call later that my name was drawn. I won a bag full of Avon bath stuff, nail polish, a candle, decorative soaps and a gift card to Red Robin which I am using for Zach's birthday!

Speaking of gift cards, I still had a gift certificate to a nail salon from Scott for Christmas. It was meant for me for a pedicure and manicure - some alone time. I decided I would take Faith.
The chairs were a bit too big, but they added pillows and Faith still felt pampered. She was able to reach the water and they gave her a real pedicure just like me. She liked it, altho she did say it took a long time. Haha!

Funny thing - Scott tried to buy Faith some socks but he ended up buying MY size. I love my new "little girl" socks! I have owls, pandas, hearts, polka dots... LOL!

My parents are home from Texas. I haven't seen them yet but will see them real soon. I was talking with the kids about maybe camping in their yard in a couple of weeks.We shall see :)

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