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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Adore This Man

I have been having a bad couple of weeks. I have been meaning to blog about some things to share - and get them off of my chest. But honestly, I have been sitting at home wallowing in self pity. Last night, just prior to leaving for Celebrate Recovery, I receive a text message from one of my greatest friends, Sarah, and it is a picture of a stage with a glorious cross in the back ground. "Guess where I am?" Then I remembered - last night Kirk Cameron was in Roanoke, Va doing his 'Love Worth fighting For' marriage event and my friends Sarah and Steve were there. I absolutely LOVE Kirk Cameron. LOVE HIM!!!!! I wanted to go to this event so so bad. But my husband wouldn't go with me for numerous reasons. So what, I would have gone alone. But, it was so far away and I would have had to either stay in a hotel or drive home 4 hrs late at night. My friend Sarah's hubby bought them tickets to go as a Christmas present! She told me on New Years Eve. Boy oh boy was I jealous!! Then when I received that text I was a little jealous again. Then when she sent me this picture of Kirk - and how darn close she was to the stage, was I jealous?? No! Actually I was so excited she sent me this picture! A real live picture of the man I adore is now in my phone. She made me smile and all giddy with excitement. I was excited for my friends to be there. I thought about them all evening and wondered how much fun they were having!!! I sure wish I could have gone, but I am so glad I had a friend there to send me this snap shot and to tell me alllllll about it! (which she better do this weekend :))

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