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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shopping Cart Etiquette

I went to the grocery store the other day to rent a Redbox movie. While looking for a spot, I watched a grown man (well he was probably early twenties) standing on his cart and actually riding it to his car. I happened to park next to him. He was placing his groceries in the back seat of his old clunker car. I am guessing he was a young bachelor living on his own for the first time and doing his own shopping. I started walking into the store when I saw a woman who had emptied her cart into her car place her cart into a handicap parking space!!! I was really irritated by this! This woman who could walk without a problem was too inconvenienced to walk the cart back to the cart place, so she put it in one of the few handicap spaces ... which would highly inconvenience a handicapped person who might have to get out of the car to move that cart just to park. How selfish of that woman!! I thought that was a bloggable vent, but decided, no, I won't blog about that. Then when I return to my truck - I see a shopping cart pushed right into the drivers door! That guy had just pushed his cart aside into my door! Unbelievable. I almost always put my cart back where it belongs.

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