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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

My sweet hubby is "dangling" a trip to Hawaii over my head as an incentive to reach my weight loss goal by the end of April. I haven't been working out hard and sweating bullets because - HAWAII?? REALLY?? Let's be serious. Who has the $$ to fly a family of 5 out there! He is trying to get me to shed 40 lbs fast! I saw him looking at our timeshare travel site for resorts yesterday so I think I will start my work outs just in case :) Might be coming to see you my single friend!

1 comment:

Not So Simply Single said...

Come to Maui! LOVE that!

How is the no drinking thing? The sugar cravings start when giving up the booze. So be easy on yourself.

Did you get to an AA meeting and buy the book, "Living Sober". ? It is a good tool to use.

I know 40 pounds is a lot to lose, but not impossible. When I got off of sugar, wheat and dairy, I dropped ten pounds of weight without even exercising. Seriously. I eat three meals and two snacks a day. Cut the portion size and my life is so much happier and my clothes fit better.

You are a super star. Don't let the weight define you !