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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Very Festive Weekend!

Zach & Dylan ~ Best Buds

So a friend and neighbor of mine had the most wonderful Christmas party Saturday night! It was catered by Bob Evans with delicious holiday food. (turkey, roast beef and all the trimmins)

She has every kind of wine, brandy, rum and a variety of Sam Adams beer. I was so happy to have been invited during my last drinking month. I had a little bit of everything! (hubby was not to pleased about that) I haven't been invited to a party in years!! Since before the twins were born I think?? People don't really invite you over when you have little ones. Well this party was child friendly! The little kids all left with a goody bad filled with toys and candy. The teenagers and adults had raffle tickets for a door prize. I didn't win a prize, but I had a fantastic time and so did the rest of my family. The coolest thing - I bumped into a girl from my Bible study group at the party! Her husband worked with my friend's husband. What a nice coincidence. Plus I got to know another neighbor better who also has boy/girl twins. It was nice!!

Zach eatin some pie. The only 2 pictures I took at the party were of Zach. I wish I had more!

The next day was the Navy Sea Chanters concert at DAR Constitution hall. We go every year as Mike, my brother in law, is a seachanter. This year I brought my sister Lynn, her son Chris and her fiance, Donnie. Scott and Brandon stayed home. (Brandon is such a homebody!)

Lynn & Donnie

Santa is there every year. The kids love that!

Mike had a solo, the very 1st performance of the night, singing 'Happy Holiday'. He was fabulous as usual.

After the concert, we went back to the house and had dinner and exchanged some gifts. It was a wonderful day, a wonderful weekend!!!

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