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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas! We had a wonderful Christmas. Church on Christmas eve. Excited kids waking us up at 7 am Christmas morning :) My brother in law came over around 4:30 for Christmas dinner. Spiral ham and a bunch of yummy sides. Friends over in the evening to exchange some more gifts. It was a great day.

Scott bought me the bracelet I wanted! A pandora style bracelet. I am sure you have seen them, they are every where. You can pick out different beads to match your style and personality. It allows easy ideas for gift ideas in the future! Valentines day, Mother's day and so on. I think he did an AWESOME job at picking out some beads. It is absolutely beautiful!

Faith asked Santa for this unicorn. She named her "Sparkles"

Brandon got his very own scooter. He had been using Zach's, but some how that one was run over.

Faith got a princess scooter!

Brandon asked Santa for a Captain America hat and shield. Very cute! Tho that shield shoots out these THICK foam discs that can catch you off guard!

I had an easel when I was a little girl. The kids loves this!

My father in law bought us all matching personalized hats. I thought it was too cute. I love personalized things!!!

Scott bought me a popcorn makes since I seem to make popcorn a few times a week:) It's a lot of fun! The kids love to watch it pop.

Zach got some clothes, video games and airsoft guns. A lot of kids in the neighborhood have them and altho it wasn't my idea to get any for Zach, (I didn't even know about them) I am glad he has his own with protective eye wear. He is not allowed to keep them in his room and mostly they will be used for shooting targets which also came with it.

We had a lot of love and togetherness. We were filled with the spirit of Christmas!

The kids have lots of toys to play with. We have a lot of family friendly games to play too which is great. Gives me lots to do in the new year to come!

I hope everyone has a blessed new year!

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