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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Reminders for Why I Will Quit Drinking 1/1/12

  1. To be a good example to my children

  2. To make my husband happy (even tho he never asked me to quit, I know he will be happy)

  3. Save that $50 a month

  4. Prove to everyone that I am true to my word.

  5. Because Zach asked me to and I love him and don't want him to worry about me.

  6. To go out and not have to worry about a designated driver.

  7. Designated drivers usually get free soda :)

  8. To share my testimony with others and maybe, just maybe, help someone to make the same decision.

  9. Lose weight

  10. Gain Memory

  11. More God time as I am going to read the Bible every time I want to drink. HE is my sponsor.

  12. No more hang overs ever.

  13. To be taken seriously

  14. I can sit through a concert without missing the BEST song because I had to go pee! (and then I can drive myself home!)

  15. New weekend activities (I have yet to figure out what those are. Sewing? Knitting?)

  16. Nothing more to be ashamed of!

  17. Replace that drinking buzz with an exercise buzz maybe? Hopefully?

  18. Go back on Weight Watchers and not go over my weekly points! (One beer is 3 points)

  19. Without my drinking, this will be a non drinking household

  20. No more adding $6 drinks to our restaurant bill on special occasions

  21. Renew my vows - sober.

  22. Save what is left of my liver

  23. Participate in the carboard testimonies at church :)

  24. Make family and friends proud

  25. Have more intimate and wonderful quality alone time with my hubby ; )


Not So Simply Single said...

I am happy to be there for you if it gets rough! I have 15 years of sobriety.

There is a really great book that AA has, called, "Living Sober." It really helped me my first couple years. I wasn't a gutter drunk, I just liked to enjoy myself. But my Mom was a full blown alcoholic and I didn't want to go there...

I am here for you!...

Happy Holidays and good luck!!!.

Bruce doesn't drink any more. said...

i will quit also in fact i will do it right this very moment that is a promise.

Bruce doesn't drink any more. said...

i will start when you do

Angel said...

I am proud of you.