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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday ~ Starting my Resolutions!

Well I am kicking off 2 of my resolutions - blogging more, cause I am blogging right now about it and GETTING ORGANIZED!! I don't know about other moms out there, but I felt overwhelmed and a little frightened after Christmas. It looked as tho my house would never be the same! Toys every where. Brandon has received some sort of "tracks" for the past 2 years. This year once again, he received some tracks. 2 sets were the take along Thomas sets. These I do not mind because they fold up into their own carrying case. Santa also got Brandon one of those big racing tracks with the remote controls to race the cars around. That's in the basement, no big deal now. The big deal to me is the HOT WHEELS tracks!!! Oh my goodness! There are so many and I don't exactly know how they all fit together. All I ever want to do with them is put them in a box and set them aside, but Brandon will take them out and ask me to put it together. That's daddy's job:) We do have one long track that is meant for a door and it is hanging from my hutch in the family room! How beautiful. It is kinda cool I admit. You put the car in the holder and pull the string so it takes the car up to the top like an elevator - and when it gets to the top it shoots down the track. The kids love it. It's easy to take down and put away if we should have company. Faith now has a big beautiful dollhouse in the family room. This can stay! I love dollhouses and this one is nice and wooden. To me, it is like a decoration:) Now for all the other toys... our toy box on the main floor is overflowing and was not organized one bit. It is important to my OCD son to know exactly where his cars, trains and action figures are. So Scott bought me some boxes and I labeled them. Maybe some day I will make neater labels with my Cricut, but a sharpie will do for now.

Faith has a box too for all the small girly stuff that could get lost in the toy box. Now only larger items go in the toy box. Everything has a place! The goal is to get the rest of this family to learn all the places and put the items where they belong:) I am thinking of making a chart! These "bins" are located in a cabinet by the kitchen table. Also in this area is one toy box and one "treasure chest" filled with dress up clothes. Keep in mind we also have a toy box in the loft and one in the basement. YIKES!
Another tackle I completed this past week was taking down the Christmas decorations. Faith actually cried:( She wanted to keep the tree up. She made me fell bad. But not bad enough! :)
Next project is to clean and organize the basement playroom. Looking forward to it!

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