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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back Home...

We had a wonderful time on vacation! Here is a recap:

Sunday: Arrived, bought groceries for the week and pizza for dinner. Put the lil ones to bed and sat in front of the fireplace and watched 'Eclipse'.

Monday: Viewed and upgraded our timeshare to the new beautiful duplex houses they now have in a gated community. YAY! Now we can vacay in the summer and not take Zach out of school. Went to the mall. Relaxed in our unit until it was time to go to the magic show!

Tuesday: Rented movies. Went out to lunch. Went to a comedy/balloon show!

Wednesday: Played at the arcade for a couple of hours. I went to the Spa for a facial. Relaxed in the evening.

Thursday: Daddy went home to take care of some things. (our house, pet, Christmas shopping and so on...) Took the kids to the Rec center for video games and basketball. Went to lunch and to a fun little shop. Rented the new Shrek movie and cooked dinner.

Friday: Memay and Grandad came for the weekend! Went to the waterpark and had a blast. Went to the all you can eat buffet overlooking the waterpark and ate crab legs:)

Saturday: Zach and I went snowtubing while the twins stayed in with Memay and Grandad. Cooked dinner and watched movies.

Sunday: Check out day:( Rush rush rush! Went Christmas shopping for Daddy on the way home.

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