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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 More Days!

Is everyone out there having a "Christmasy" week? We are! It is just so close, I want to soak up all the lights, music and splendor of the Season! It's going to be over soon. :(

This past weekend we went to the Navy Band Christmas concert - to see Mike in the Sea Chanters. It was awesome! They changed a lot this year, it was really good. It has been good all the other times I have seen it, but it was nice to see some new stuff:) My friend Kristin from Colorado met us there. She just flew in a couple hrs before and planned to spend the evening with us. We had a nice time!

Mike is in the middle

Mike and others doing a hilarious version of the '12 Days of Christmas'

Kristin and Zach

Faith and Daddy


Kristin and I much later.... haha

Playing with Logan.

I totally swiped this from Kristin's pictures, I didn't go see the tree that night. I did let Zach go with Kristin to see the tree and ride home with her. Zach was actually there the night before with his chorus class singing!

Our office National Headquarters. I swiped this from Kristin too, however, I was there that night. We parked there:) So very convenient!

Mike singing the Grinch! He waved and pointed at the kids.
All we are doing now is waiting. Waiting for the big day! Shopping and wrapping is finished. Friday we are all going to Christmas Eve service at Church. Faith will be singing with the preschool kids at 3:45. Can't wait! That night I am going to light a fire and have the kids sit in the Family room and listen to 'Santa and the Three Bears' just like I did when I was a kid. Then its off to bed!! Christmas morning we will open gifts and see Grandpa and Uncle Mike around 11. (and maybe even Uncle Steven??) We will have a breakfast of pastries and fruit.
Then we are off to West Virginia to have Christmas dinner with my parents, 2 of my sisters, my uncle and cousins and their kids. Great times to be had.
Happy Birthday Jesus!

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