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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Weekend....

These pictures are out of order from the weekend, and I don't care to fix it. So, in a nutshell - our weekend was spent getting the house ready for painters who came on Monday. You know, take things off the walls and move everything into the middle or to another room. :) I feel kinda like I have a fresh start! As I move things back to their places and redecorate - I think I will go with "less is more" and box up some of our stuff for storage. It will be fun later on to go through those boxes and switch out my decor all over again later. We did some other stuff too. Sat we played it safe and kept Brandon and Faith home - they were a bit sick with colds. Sunday they were feeling better so we went to Church, played outside and had Scott's brother Mike over for the game. Ordered pizza too! Thought for sure I would do terrible on my Monday weigh in at WW, but I lost 3 pounds! YAY!

Our room was painted a "honey wheat"

This is the half bath we painted ourselves. Scott did the 1st coat and I just did the 2nd last night. Can't think of the color right now, but it was left over from when we had the master bath done.

The hall and foyer was painted "creamery". It looks like a peach to me, but I still like it.

Spare rm painted with the left over honey wheat from our room.

The twins' room was painted "Icelandic Blue" I bought curtains for them yesterday, will post pics after I am finished with their room. It is looking so cute!

Zach's room is "shagreen". He loves it and so do I!

While the painters were here, we took Brandon & Faith out of the house to the mouse place.

And this was last Thursday at one of our malls. It was 95 that day and I wanted to go walking, so I thought the mall was the place! Ended up walking straight to the play area then straight to the food court where I stuffed my face. My plan ~ FAIL! Fun with kids ~ PRICELESS

Faith had a value meal from Chick-Fil-A then asked for a slice of pizza at Sbarro's! I bought one slice for her and Brandon to share. Then we ate gellato. Man, this little girl can put some food away! Unfortunately, she gets that from me;)

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