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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I am back!

Hello folks! We had a wonderful fun filled trip to Arizona. It is so beautiful out there! Hot? Yes, but as they say "it is a dry heat". It really did not feel as bad as the humidity out here! Seriously, 110 degrees out there felt better than a 95 degree day here. Every where we could see was mountains! I just love the views. Most of our trip was spent house hunting. Our realtor is AWESOME! She brought drinks and snacks for all of us every day, plus took us to lunch. She knew we were not in a position to buy while we were there, yest she still treated us like her #1 priority. She even gave Zach a gift for us to take home to him. The houses are gorgeous. The landscaping is beautiful. I was a bit surprised of just how much I liked it out there. We really had a great time! Scott had a friend out there that he went to high school with, so we went to their house for dinner one night. Great family! And I met 2 of my blogger buddies - Joanna and Jenny. That may have been the coolest part of my trip:) Hope to see them again soon!
People in AZ are so very nice. Families spend a lot of time outside so a great "entertaining" yard is important and pretty common. I can picture buying an outdoor living set and spending a majority of our time outside. So, we are back home now and we are not wasting any time. We picked up a bundle of boxes from Craig's List and I am going to get started on packing our personal items and nic nacs to stage our house for selling. We also have some minor repairs and painting to do. As soon as we can, we are putting this baby on the market! I will miss this house, my Church, my friends and especially my family. Everyone is welcome to fly out and visit and I know I will be back to visit my family from time to time. Here are some pictures from our trip:

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Countdown till Naptime said...

Glad you had a good trip. I just wanted to say hi since I am such a lurker on your blog. I have 2 blogs now. and Is started the 2nd since I have too much personal info on the first. Anyways, I wanted you to know when I start commenting that I am the same person on both blogs.

I find it so funny you are doing this move. See...I live in a great area but have no family nearby so would love to be where you all are at...close to family. So I find it funny that we all find the grass greener on the other side. :-) I would love to be able to just have my sisters over for a cookout occaisionally or to my kids birthday party, etc. I wish you lots of luck and I'll be excited to follow you on your house hunt...nothing better than looking at homes. I love House Hunters. :-)