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Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Stuff

Faith took this picture. She loves using my camera!

It's been a crazy week. (last week) We have all taken turns being sick. Well except for Scott, he managed to to miss out on this one. However, it's not too late! I fear we are going to have a ping pong illness as Brandon woke up with a sore throat. Brandon had to go to the ER again last week due to difficulty breathing as a result of having a cold. I hate it when he gets sick, it's a major deal with him. If I see any signs of illness on Wed, I am taking him to get antibiotics! Through all that, I have been gathering things for a yard sale. Had the sale on Sat and made over $100. Didn't sell the stuff I thought would go, but I will try on Craig's List.

Found out my cousin Erin works at Applebees in Woodbridge and I thought I would take the kids in for dinner so she could wait on us:) Well, turns out she is a BARTENDER. So, I took the kids and sat in the bar area. No biggie!!!

My Cousin Erin

Another night of the week we made pizzas. Brandon liked his so much, he woke up at 4 am the following night and asked if we could make pizza again.

You may have noticed from my wordless Wednesday that Faith has a new bike! Well, not new. I found it at a yard sale. It is a Little Mermaid bike, so cute:) I had to go out and buy streamers for the handlebars of course. A MUST HAVE! The very day I brought her bike home, Brandon finally decided to pedal. He would never do it before.

And the most exciting news of all..........

We bought plane tickets to Arizona!! We tried and tried to make it work and get out there spending the least amount of $$ as possible. We thought we had a deal worked out, but it fell through. Sadly, Zach is staying home. We asked if he would mind, and he agreed to stay home with my parents. I feel worse and worse about it the closer we get:( Stinks to go on vacay without all the members of your family. But that saved $250. My parents agreed to come over here to hang with Zach for the week and take care our baby beardie. (Logan)

It's not like a "real" vacation. We have a mission! If we were going on a REAL family vacation, no one would be left behind! We are going out to see how we like it and to look at houses. Scott was going to go by himself which would have saved us a lot of money! But - like I said, we thought we worked out a deal... bought 2 tkts for reg price, then our deal fell through so we had to buy 2 more tix at reg prices. So, it is still very expensive. Gonna hurt!

Even still, it is a vacation away from home, away from work. I will get to sleep for 7 nights straight! And a really exciting part of the trip is... I am going to meet 3 of my bloggy friends!!! YEAH! Joanna and Dawn both live out in AZ close to where I am staying. And Jenny bought herself a plane tkt to come from her home in CA to hang out with the girls! It's a blog reunion. I am SUPER excited to meet my bloggy buddies in person:)

So THIS week will be spent working hard at the ARC at night, and by day I will be cleaning house for my parents' stay and packing our bags for our trip! We have to leave the house at 4:30 am Sat morning. EEEK!

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