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Monday, July 26, 2010

Visit from Ang and Nelson (BIL)

We had a GREAT weekend! Angela and Nelson met us at Six Flags on Saturday morning and they came back home with us that evening to spend the rest of the weekend. Saturday was a really HOT HOT HOT day, but we still had lots of fun at Six Flags! We drank lots of water and the park has plenty of cool mist spots to help cool off. Nelson and Angela even enjoyed Thomas Town with us. As you can see... Nelson and Zach are riding the Thomas Ferris wheel. HAHA!

This picture was taken at our house on Sunday before And and Nelson left. Ang will kill me for posting it. We had gone to the pool earlier and neither one of us did our hair or anything after. But I think you look great all natural, Ang!

Nelson (and Ang is there too) riding one of the train rides in Thomas town.

We caught the Looney Toons show! The kids loved it.

Daddy went on the carousel this time:) Mommy had to drink gallons of ice water.

We went on the river ride again. (what the heck is it called?) We love this one since we can all ride together and we can col off some when we get splashed:)

Faith LOVE LOVED LOVED this ride! She was giggling, holding her arms up and kicking her legs! Brandon was holding on for dear life. For those of you who don't know us well, Faith takes after Daddy and Brandon takes after Mommy.
We went on some larger rides too. Zach finally got me to ride the Bat Wing. If you haven't heard of it, it's a coaster that you LIE down on! Yeah, weird. So you lie down and get strapped in really well. Then as you clickety click to the top... you are staring at the sky. (which is fine, because I hate to look down) But..... at the top you twist around to where you are staring at the ground! You rie the coaster as if you are a super hero flying the sky! I made Ang and Nelson ride too. Ang didn't care for it, but I kinda liked it. I will ride again.
Sunday we went to the neighborhood pool. We had a great time but were blown away by a storm. It was kinda funny. I cooked And and Nelson dinner and they had to go home:( I was sad. I love you guys!!!

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Sarah Bee said...

Looks like you had a blast!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my post - you are such a blessing to me. =]