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Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Babies!

Our babies will be 3 years old tomorrow!

I remember when they were newborns.. as if it were yesterday. (although most of my memories from then are blurry)

1 year later... started trying to walk on their own 2 feet.

At age 2 ~ developed their individual fascinating personalities!

Today they are the best of friends! They have the cutest conversations together. They follow eachother around. They are concerned for each other. They love each other.

Thank you God for such an amazing double blessing! Happy Birthday to my baby boy and beautiful princess. We love you so much!


Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Brandon and Faith! I love this post showing them grow-- it is way too fast, isn't it? But I loved reading about them being best friends. How sweet. ;)

Angel said...

I hope the twins had a great B day!!!!!!!