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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break in South Carolina

The kids and I went to visit Angel and family in South Carolina for Zach's Spring Break. We had a WONDERFUL time! I always feel so relaxed at Angel's house. They are the best hosts! Angel and Kevin can cook up a storm! (Katie too) I loved every meal and gained at least 5 lbs:( Maybe I should not have ate so much.
Saturday was girls day and Angel and I went out to spend the day together while Kevin, Katie and Zach watched the twins. We had lunch, pedicures and did some shopping! We came home around dinner time and Kevin grilled some burgers and dogs. I was worn out by 9:00 and sadly just couldn't stay up late to hang out.

While we were in SC, we visited Swan Lake. What a beautiful park!

Zach was a bit nervous. He thought the birds might attack the twins or that the twins might fall in the lake. I tried to get him to just enjoy himself. I am the Mom and I worry enough for all!

The swans and ducks walk right up to you! (especially if you have bread)

On the front porch:) I love this picture.

Faith fell asleep in Angel's arms.

Group Hugs!

Kevin and Brandon having a man to man talk
Thank you Wildes for letting us stay in your home for a while! We Love you all so much!

While we were gone, Scott did some work on the house. What a wonderful surprise!

He painted the liv room a "whole wheat" color. I love it! He also put up crown molding. When we returned, I picked out these curtains.

Crown molding in the dining room

New light fixture and ovens in the kitchen. This was done before we left. While we were gone, Scott replaced the hardware on the cabinets and painted the ceiling.

I love ALL the improvements, but my favorite is my office:) Scott put up brick paneling and crown molding. I LOVE it! I love brick walls. I picked out new curtains for this room too, but the lighting was not right to take a picture.
Thank you honey for all your hard work! We Love you!

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Angel said...

LOVE your home improvements. Scott was busy! Looks like he is getting pretty handy!!!
LOVE the pics of your family and ours too! We enjoyed your visit. I sure love my godchildren. One of the sweetest times was when Faith fell asleep in my arms!